data protection

In order for you to see the website, we get a little information from your computer as soon as you visit our page. When this happens, your computer asks one of our computers for a specific Internet address. At the same time, your computer also sends us the following information:

  • a series of characteristics of your computer. For example, which program and which operating system is used.
  • Sometimes also the origin (referrer)
    an address (IP address) under which the computer is currently available and

In order for our website to open, we need to briefly store and process the IP address and the other data.

As a precaution, we save all accesses for a week to resolve any issues with the page being accessed. If there are such problems, it is possible that we also save the data for a longer time to thoroughly investigate the problem. Thereafter, the data will be deleted immediately.

This site uses Google Analytics and Google Adsense. For this, the provider stores „Google“ e.g. a cookie on your machine. All other data will be stored on Google’s own responsibility.