1. Notification did work, the other day the android app stopped to notify me
    Please make sure that the ip you entered in the server program is still the same as on your android device. If it’s not the same, your android device has a dynamic (dhcp) setting. that means, after a lease time your android device automatically gets a new ip. To stop this behaviour, refer to step 3 of the step-by-step instructions.
  2. Notification works only if the device is awake, not if the screen is dark
    Most likely you have turned on the wlan setting „power off wlan in standby“, so the android device can’t receive the notification due to a lack of connection. You can switch off this behaviour in the WLAN settings of your device. Go to the WLAN setting, where all access points are listed. In this screen, select the menu (do not select a specific entry, just open the menu setting on the WLAN Page). There you find the option which turns off WLAN in standby and most likely causes the problem.
  3. Why do i have to install the Android Notification Server?
    CallClerk sends out the caller id notification with a so called udp broadcast, which is fine for your windows pc. Unfortunately, Android devices stop to listen on these broadcast packets when they are in standby (with their screen turned off). The Android Notify Server acts as a forwarder, listening to the udp broadcasts from CallClerk and passing them to the static ip you provided in the user interface of the notification server. So even when your android device is in sleep mode, it will wake up and show the notification.
  4. I do not get notifications when i’m out of my house
    This is absolute normal and intended. You’re getting the notifications as long as you are connected to your local area network. Use the CallClerk E-Mail feature to notify you about incoming calls when you’re not at home.
  5. I have found a bug or i have additional questions
    Feel free to contact me: m.gruosso@bit-bite.de